AIM TO GROW — Festive Greeting Card  2022
Client name: Charlene Lambert
AIM to Grow is a platform based on the recognition that more can be done to support local food production in Canada, and that innovative technologies can help to fill that need. Founder of Aim To Grow, Charlene's purpose is to explore the potential, build partnerships, and realize projects to further develop modern fruit and vegetable production using indoor growing technologies in the Canadian Atlantic Provinces and northern communities. Last holiday season we have worked on this unique festive card that she can send to her clients, enriched with playful and colourful illustrations created using her brand colours. 
The milky way formed of starts, fresh fruits and veggies that grow in greenhouses represents the transfer of know how between Netherlands and Canada, as well as being a reminiscent of the sparkle and shine of the festive period. Charlene asked the copy on the card to be in two different languages. I have heard from her that she had lots of positive feedback from her clients for the fun card we have created together! Charlene is so excited about this design that we have already started thinking about the next idea! I'm thrilled about it...
What Charlene Lambert ✻ Founder of AIM TO GROWsaid: 
I wanted to send a holiday e-greeting card to help keep in touch with my network and clients.  I had a few vague ideas of what I wanted on the card, but couldn't quite visualize them, so I asked Cigdem of Crocusfield to help me. Cigdem understood exactly what I wanted and was even able to help me develop the best idea. Her first draft was fantastic and with only a few minor changes my beautiful e-card was ready to be sent out. My contacts were impressed by the attractive card and I received many positive replies. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Cigdem on this project and I'm sure I'll be back!
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