Thank you dear clients!
Some kind words from my clients...
"How appropriate and touching a beautifully logo and a corporate identity can express something without words. I only now realize that we have not described the beautiful piece of explanation about the logo. 'About letting go and new ways to connection in the words of Cigdem'. I have food for a blog again."

Yvonne Hanssen ✻ Founder of ALLENAMENTO

"Working with Cigdem on several projects, including the designs and illustrations for my first book, was delightful. Cigdem is not just a talented professional, but also a pleasure to collaborate with. I really appreciate the time and effort she takes to get to know you and understand your brand and preferences before diving into the creative process. The designs she crafted for me and for Thinking Museum were absolutely fantastic and I'm looking forward to future collaborations!"

Claire Bown ✻ Co-Founder of THINKING MUSEUM

"I contracted Cigdem to design a book cover on a very short deadline. Not only did she meet that deadline but she brought flair and creativity tot he brief that resulted in a better result than was in my head. I have no hesitation in recommending her design skills and professionalism."

David Chislett ✻ Author of the book: 'UNBLOCK WRITER'S BLOCK'

"We love our new website! And we have gotten lots of great feedback about it - which is wonderful as this is our business card as well as our “credibility passport” and our resource center for our clients. Getting there seemed a bit like building a house - before you start laying the foundation you have no idea that there are so many pieces that need to be in place before you can start decorating!
The team has a great division of labor, they complement each other in how they work and you can tell that they enjoy what they’re doing. The perfect balance of creativity, analytics, and skill!
We loved working with an international team - it was a perfect match for who we are. You did not only help us with creating our website but through your process you reinforced for us who we are as a coaching team! Thank you - we are proud to go full steam now to change how parents feel - one person at a time!"
Anke Fischer & Julia Close ✻ Co-Founders of PARENTS ARE PEOPLE TOO
"Cigdem designed our business logo for us. It was a great pleasure working with her as she is the nicest person on top of being so creative. She is a very talented graphic designer who can quickly respond and adapt the design to the desired changes, while adding her own personal ideas and creativity in a very balanced way. We didn’t have much time before the opening of the hotel when we started with her but she worked very efficiently and quickly bringing our now beloved logo to life! Although it must have been very challenging for her to satisfy 3 different tastes for the same project, (we are 3 partners) she successfully came up with a final version that we all fell in love with. I feel very lucky to have crossed paths with her and can’t wait for more collaborations in the future!"

Selin Kocak ✻ Partner of OKAPI SUITES

"The rebranding process for Be Rooted with Crocusfield Creative was thorough and insightful. Cigdem has a very creative mind and once we established the clear message about how Be Rooted supports professionals and what I really wanted to convey, she came up with most amazing brand identity elements. It was a process!!
I love the richness of the new brand. The emblem and the colour palette both symbolising revitalisation as an ongoing transformation, both for my clients as well as in my business. A multilayered logo hinting to a compass, a wheel, the globe, the sun, and the moon and combining them with the ongoing movement of the seasons and of our personal change. With the gold diamond shining in the centre, representing my clients; all change starts inside of you and gradually spreads and changes the world."
Barbara Piper-Roelofs ✻ Founder and Chief Heart Officer of BE ROOTED
"Cigdem did the cover design for my debut novel Place. I couldn't be happier with the results! A true creative - she offered various options in typography, always keeping in mind the information I provided during our intake call while offering other outside-the-box artistic options, leading the the perfect results. Cigdem was quick to answer my questions and make adjustments throughout the project. Her excellent communication skills and professionalism made me feel like I had a valuable 'team member' by my side during the entire project. Thank you Cigdem!"
Hannah Huber ✻ Founder of AMSTERDAM ACADEMY, Author, Community Builder
"Cigdem is a hugely talented illustrator, who brings fresh ideas and a unique style to her work. She has the patience and imagination to really think outside the box, and thrives on developing these ideas to their fullest.
I relish the design process Cigdem practices, the originality she brings to the many projects we have worked on together over the last 2 years and the tenacity she has to see each project through to completion. Looking forward to collaborating on many more projects in the future!"
Lisa Hall ✻ Founder of LEMONBERRY
"Cigdem designed the logo for my business Center for Relationship Learning. I am incredibly happy with the result, but beyond that, I was so delighted by the process as well. Cigdem is such a warm, pleasant person to work with and so talented and creative too! She clearly listened so well to what I was looking for, who I am, what my vision is. She asked all the right questions and turned the answers into many great ideas to choose from and work on further. She is very solutions focused, which gives a lot of confidence in the process as well. In the end, I am so happy to have worked with her and would do so again if I need any graphic design work done in the future."
Julie Sharon-Wagschal ✻ Founder of CENTER FOR RELATIONSHIP LEARNING
"Cigdem is a professional and experienced graphic designer who created my tea business logo "Naraanj" for me. She listened carefully to my needs and requests and was very quick replying to my emails. Her goal is to make the client happy with her design and therefore she is willing to spend as much time and effort needed to finish the job to the client's full satisfaction. I recommend strongly working with Cigdem if you need a detailed and professional design."
Azar Khosravi ✻ Founder of NARAANJ TEA
"I had a great pleasure to work with Cigdem Guven from Crocusfield on the diagrams for my book “Career Jump! How to Successfully Change Your Professional Path.” Cigdem was a wonderful person to work with on something that was extremely important to me. She was very professional, understood quickly what I meant and what I needed and as a result she created a great set of diagrams that completed the book. I would definitely recommend her work. She is a creative, dedicated and experienced professional in her field of work."
Dorota Klop-Sowinska ✻ Founder of
Author of book "Career Jump! How to Successfully Change Your Professional Path"
"Cigdem is one of these people who you remember the day you met them as it was a lucky day! Top quality in her creations, amazing design, speed, exquisite follow-up and communication and quite reasonable prices! This is what I am always after as a professional and found it in Cigdem's services. Plus a great deal of warmth and understanding! Thank you!"
Eleni Sarantinou ✻ Founder & Chief Trainer of LIFE SPHERES BHD SDN 
"I have worked with Cigdem in the Comms team of the Women’s Business Initiative International. It is a pleasure to work with her. Cigdem really knows how to get the right atmosphere in the graphics. She has an excellent taste and feel for colour and form. If you need a graphic designer to rebrand your business Cigdem is the one to go to."
Dymphna Elsink ✻ Vise-President of WBII
"I think I did a little happy-dance when I received my logo designs from Cigdem! It's far from standard and I wasn't sure if anybody would 'get' my idea, but Cigdem absolutely outdid herself by designing something with just the right colours, energy, style and overall feeling it gives out! I couldn't have been happier, not just with the logo, but also with the process. She listened to my crazy ideas and then: took it in and came up with even better ideas! The different designs in the beginning really helped to figure out what I love, and what doesn't work. After that, it was such an easy process with a finished logo that I am so proud of! 
Cigdem is the sweetest, most creative and thinking-with-you-kind of person! It's been a blast, thank you so much for everything! Can't wait to see my business card printed with the unique design and handing it out! Highly recommended from my side!"
"Before working with Crocusfield, I didn't think I had completely and honestly flushed out everything the brand stood for. I also hadn't worked with professionals that I felt were 100% listening to their client. Crocusfield listened to the story, was patient enough to provide many options and then helped me narrow down on the right branding, keeping the future sub brands in mind. I think it was a very organic connection, which for me holds a lot of value. There was instant chemistry and connection with both Lisa and Cigdem and that comes from both of you being open minded, listening to your client, being exceptionally talented in your respective fields so you both draw from a wealth of knowledge and creativity to provide the client with quality stuff. 
I would highly recommend Crocusfield to other clients and friends, for exactly the reasons stated above. It has been a very positive connection working with both Lisa and you and I hope to continue that relationship over time as our company evolves and grows , particularly the navigation through these disruptive times." 
Rima Kohli ✻ Founder & Executive Director of ORGANIC QUOTIENT
"I wanted to send a holiday e-greeting card to help keep in touch with my network and clients.  I had a few vague ideas of what I wanted on the card, but couldn't quite visualize them, so I asked Cigdem of Crocusfield to help me. Cigdem understood exactly what I wanted and was even able to help me develop the best idea. Her first draft was fantastic and with only a few minor changes my beautiful e-card was ready to be sent out. My contacts were impressed by the attractive card and I received many positive replies. It was a pleasure to collaborate with Cigdem on this project and I'm sure I'll be back!"
Charlene Lambert ✻ Founder of AIM TO GROW
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