What do you get for your business?
'Original' Visual brand identities and logo designs
I am offering branding & logo design service that fits your company's needs perfectly, transforming your small business into a recognisable brand. With the launch of your company or at re-branding stage, we will be collaborating to create a fresh and unique brand identity or a logo that would help you proudly portray your business to a wider audience.
'Remarkable' Print collateral and marketing materials
Keeping your brand identity consistent, we will be planning together your printed and digital marketing materials making sure they communicate the right message with your audience by means of colours, style and typefaces that identify and distinguish with your company.
'Standing out from the crowd' Illustrations
We will be discussing to incorporate illustrations to your projects, to make your visuals unique and tailored to your brand as possible! Being in the branding itself or as an accompanying feature they can be great assets taking your project, being your social media posts or your online flyers to the next level, making your brand differentiate.
Why collaborate with me?
I am pleased to hear we are on the same page about hiring a professional to take care of your visual brand identity, your marketing materials or creating beautiful illustrations for your business. 
Your brand deserves a strong presence in this visually over crowded world and it is time to say goodbye to that 'do it yourself' look and invest in a partnership with Crocusfield, because: 
BRANDING PACKAGE that fits you perfectly
This package includes:
✔️ 1 hr idea discussion + questionnaire 
✔️ Visual mood board
✔️ Typography selection
✔️ Brand colour palette
✔️ 1-1 sketching session
✔️ Primary logo (3 logo options to choose from)
✔️ Logo on 3 colours
✔️ 2 round revisions
✔️ Basic style guide
✔️ 2 submarks 
Best suited for: 
Starting up entrepreneurs who are ready to make a launch with a custom-made logo design to be proudly presented to their audience.
Small business owners who are willing to grow their business and invest in high quality visual brand identity.
3 weeks
Starting from  € 1540+VAT

SOCIAL-MEDIA PACKAGE that fits you perfectly
This package includes:
✔️ 2 different social media covers for FB and LinkedIn
✔️ Social media profile photo sizing for FB, LinkedIn and IG (logo/submark)
✔️ 3 different social media templates (announcement-tips-or quotes posts) including 3 custom made drawings created for your brand and applied to each platform - IG, FB and LinkedIn
✔️ 1 hr video call to guide you through Canva
Best suited for: 
Small business owners who already have a logo and brand identity in hand and are willing to have a consistent brand identity on their social media visuals. 
2 weeks
Starting from  € 450+VAT
Would you like to add a different item such as a business card, flyer, presentation template, menu design, a greeting card or a packaging/label design to the existing packages on offer? Please get in touch with me for the extra costs calculated on my hourly fee.
Do you have a specific design project in mind that you need for your company? I am happy to collaborate with you on a 'à la carte' basis . 
✻ The designs will be quoted on my hourly fee which is €70+VAT (21%).
Design process in 5 steps
Naraanj tea brand idea sketches
 Step 1  Introduction call & questionnaire
After you select a design package that suits you or a design project you have in mind, we will arrange a 30 minute introduction call on which we can talk in detail about your company's needs, expectations, and my design process and way of working. After finding out that we are going to be a good fit to collaborate, I will share with you my design proposal including the quote,  terms and a time-line. Once it is approved by you, next step will be to share a branding questionnaire with you that would help me to understand what you want and to address your needs.
 Step 2  Research & concept development
After the questionnaire is filled, and the sufficient amount of information is gathered, we are ready to start! First of all, we will have an 1 hour idea discussion to go through the questionnaire. I will make some research, get my creative mind working by the help of your input, and put some initial ideas together to create a mood board that is going to be shared with you with relevant themes as style, colours and fonts. This will be the starting point of the first design ideas. I will also arrange a 1-1 sketching session with you where we go creative!
✻ Step 3 Presentation of ideas
Following your feedback, I will start developing the concept designs in light of the inspiring visuals and you will be presented the first ideas for the project. I will be explaining to you how my creations meet your objectives. You will be getting a high quality, bespoke work that would inspire you and that is ready to be taken to next level for refinement.
 Step 4 Client feedback & refinement
I am always ready to listen to your ideas and take your comments into account. Your feedback means a lot to me and would be taken into consideration to take the project to a further level. Taking this into account, if needed, up to 2 sets of revisions included in the offer would be made accordingly until you are 100% happy. (Please check my terms & conditions for more information)
✻ Step 5 — Final delivery
When the final designs are approved, the exciting and long-awaited day arrives! It is time to hand in the final project. You will be provided with all the relevant brand/graphic files, ready to be introduced to your audience! (including a version on a coloured background) in different formats -pdf, jpeg & png.
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