AIM TO GROW — Festive Greeting Card  2023
Client name: Charlene Lambert
AIM to Grow is a platform based on the recognition that more can be done to support local food production in Canada, and that innovative technologies can help to fill that need. Founder of Aim To Grow, Charlene's purpose is to explore the potential, build partnerships, and realize projects to further develop modern fruit and vegetable production using indoor growing technologies in the Canadian Atlantic Provinces and northern communities. 
After last year's success, Charlene kindly asked me another time to design a festive card for AIM to Grow. We both agreed that this fun, illustrated e-card style surely is memorable! Charlene had a rough idea in her mind of using greenhouse vegetables, fruits and herbs in larger scale replacing pine trees in a winter landscape and giving reference to vertical farming, using pink light rays in the sky and reflecting on the windows. She also wanted to mention strawberries, being a very symbolic fruit for some First Nation's communities. It is valued as a medicinal food source promoting good health. I came up with the idea of decorating the veggies in a festive way using red strawberries. I wanted to make the card resemble vintage festive cards, having snowy landscapes on them! Charlene got some very good feedback for the cards from her contacts and she mentioned that they helped her business get very much noticed!
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