AMSTERDAM ACADEMY PRESS — Promotion materials  2023
Client name: Hannah Huber
Amsterdam Academy Press, thanks to Hannah Huber and the amazing team of professionals she gathered together, help authors in getting their ideas and stories out into the world in the form of books. Everyone has a story to tell!
Amsterdam Academy Press offers self-publishing packages to help you with every step off the way from editing to proof-reading, from cover and layout design to marketing, from project management to printing and digital publishing, meeting the needs of each author. 
I am really excited being a part of this team, being in charge of creating book covers and illustrations.
Hannah asked me to create a poster and a flyer design to be distributed at the 20Books Holland 2023 Amsterdam conference, promoting the services of AAP provided by the A-team of editors, designers, proof-readers and marketing professionals. I have tried to create a dynamic, fun layout, using the AAP house style created by Glenn Doherty a while ago and used the covers of books already published by AAP or are work in progress. Hannah was very pleased with the results!

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