WOMBAT CONSULTING — Sample Drawings for a Children's Book Collection  2020
Client name: Caroline Waller
Caroline got in touch with me via referral of Teresa Moynihan from WBII. She had the idea of getting her children book collection published and she needed to get in touch with some publishers with a cover letter and a prototype of her first book, 'A Sticky Day in the Park' illustrated with a few sample drawings. Her main character was a boy and the aim of the collection was to raise awareness in children about 'waste / rubbish' topic, in a humorous way. She also wanted to use a playful Echidna character throughout the collection where you can bump into her doing mischievous moves such as looking into garbage bins.
The sample drawings were focused on the boy stepping on a pink gum and that young, playful echidna character. After a few sketches and feedbacks, Caroline was very pleased with the expression on echidna's face, revealing the personality she had in mind for her. This was a first for me, creating some custom-made drawings targeted for children and I must say I have really enjoyed it.
What Caroline Waller ✻ Founder of WOMBAT CONSULTING said: 
"For some time I have been trying to develop a visual personality for my picture book character, an echidna, who appears in all of my children’s stories. Cigdem from Crocusfield was recommended to me (WBII) and after a short brief, wasted no time in getting on with the project. Personalities are never straight forward but Cigdem took my feedback into account and was able to incorporate small changes without questioning my motives or wanting to showcase her own ideas over mine.
Cigdem is a talented illustrator. She was both professional and clear about her work, providing a detailed offer upfront and staying true to her word whilst remaining flexible. There were no surprises at the end. I really felt that she put a lot of effort in the project and the results are testament to that. I now have my cheeky echidna and some additional illustrative teasers for the books. The whole experience has been very positive and I can now take this project further with publishers. I highly recommend Crocusfield and look forward to working with Cigdem again in the near future."
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