Client name: Chantal Vroom
Chantal's branding was one of the most enjoyable projects I have worked on. Chantal reached me via Lisa Hall, and we have run the re-branding process of Chantal's communication training with our famous branding team, Lemonberry and Vinita Salomé Photography under Lisa's project management. Chantal was in a transition period from one country to another one when we met and was in need of a fresh branding and a website to shine even brighter for her growing business.
Chantal helps shy professionals to express themselves more effectively and impactful by engaging them through creative drawing and storytelling. By this way they can improve their presenting and pitching skills. When we started the design process, we wanted to make sure that the visuals I would create be memorable, unique to her business, and stand out but at the same time reflect Chantal's cheerful, fun and creative side. Writing her name in a handwritten font, resembling a signature and incorporating it with a creative thinking bubble was the simple idea behind the branding. The colour palette that we went for is a refreshing palette. Teal and turquoise tones represent open communication and clarity whilst lemon yellow brings joy and energy.
Chantal uses her lovely drawings in her materials and I have been inspired by her drawing style making sure her branding is in consistency with her own drawings. For the design of her business card, we have developed the flip chart idea, on which she frequently draws on in her own trainings. The aim of the card was to create something people would like to keep as a memory from her, take notes on and even use as a guide to make a little drawing while following the steps!
Website design by Lemonberry
Lisa Hall developed Chantal's amazing website, using the branding style we have created all together (what a great team work it was!) and Vinita Salomé Photography beautifully  captured Chantal's talent and energy at the photoshoot that took place at Chantal's new hometown Hoorn. At the moment Chantal has an online home for her business to be proud of!
Branding sketches
What Chantal Vroom ✻ Founder of CHANTAL VROOM COMMUNICATION TRAINING said:
I think I did a little happy-dance when I received my logo designs from Cigdem! It's far from standard and I wasn't sure if anybody would 'get' my idea, but Cigdem absolutely outdid herself by designing something with just the right colours, energy, style and overall feeling it gives out! I couldn't have been happier, not just with the logo, but also with the process. She listened to my crazy ideas and then: took it in and came up with even better ideas! The different designs in the beginning really helped to figure out what I love, and what doesn't work. After that, it was such an easy process with a finished logo that I am so proud of! 
Cigdem is the sweetest, most creative and thinking-with-you-kind of person! It's been a blast, thank you so much for everything! Can't wait to see my business card printed with the unique design and handing it out! Highly recommended from my side!
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