Client name: Julie Sharon-Wagschal
The Center for Relationship Learning (CRL) is Europe’s principal provider of the Gottman Method. CRL offers a variety of Gottman Method workshops and Marathon sessions for couples and therapists. CRL was founded by Dutch-American psychologist and Certified Gottman Therapist Julie Sharon-Wagschal.
Julie reached out to Lisa Hall of Lemonberry in need for a new branding and a website to represent her relationship learning center. I have collaborated with Lisa in this project being in charge of the branding design. After doing brainstorms on the logo ideas, we have decided to go with the route of conceptualising the 'Sound Relationship House Theory' which is the foundation of the Gottman Method. This method involves a practical approach to help couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection, and intimacy in their relationships. 
The simplistic 'house' visual has a heart icon on the left hand side of the image that gives reference to compassion and understanding each other. The different colour blocks are building blocks that make a house stronger and safer. Couples need to build trust for each other and the components of the house are the steps and methods we need to follow to make our relationship work.

During the brand development process,  I was inspired by the colours that are reminiscent of security, comfort, trust, support and knowledge. The branding needed to reflect her professionalism and also the fact that the methods CRL implements are based on research having a solid foundation, just like the house image on the logo.
IG post visuals
Julie preferred to go with her collection of photographs on her website, and Lisa built a very informative and professional site for CRL, combining Julie's content with the calming brand colour tones chosen, creating a layout that is in consistency with the branding style. After the website launch, I have worked further with Julie on her social media post templates, creating graphics she could use on Instagram and LinkedIn while posting for different purposes such as announcements, sharing quotes or tips.
Website design by Lemonberry
Branding sketches
What Julie Sharon-Wagschal ✻ Founder of CENTER FOR RELATIONSHIP LEARNING said:
Cigdem designed the logo for my business Center for Relationship Learning. I am incredibly happy with the result, but beyond that, I was so delighted by the process as well. Cigdem is such a warm, pleasant person to work with and so talented and creative too! She clearly listened so well to what I was looking for, who I am, what my vision is. She asked all the right questions and turned the answers into many great ideas to choose from and work on further. She is very solutions focused, which gives a lot of confidence in the process as well. In the end, I am so happy to have worked with her and would do so again if I need any graphic design work done in the future.
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