DESIGN BY D, Exclusive & Bespoke Homeware Collection — Logo Design  2017
Client name: Deniz Turker
'Design by D' is founded and established by Deniz Turker in November 2017. Their fine porcelain coffee cups, hand crafted glass tea sets and silver plated tableware are all handmade and mostly limited edition. Deniz keeps developing the product line and now designing silk robes, nighties and pyjamas for the most elegant and timeless look....The brand is timeless and elegant, yet suitable for almost any decoration or setting. 
Gold is the color of luxury & quality. Associated with prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, this was the best colour to represent Deniz's brand. The handwritten 'd' letter gives the handmade and bespoke impression as well as promising the audience a sense of personal relationship between the brand, products and themselves.
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