FREE UP YOUR TIME, Virtual Personal & Relocation Assistant — Brand Identity & Drawings for the Website  2022
Client name: Delene Engelbrecht
Delene has recently started her business 'Free Up Your Time' offering virtual personal and relocation assistance to her clients. She got in touch with Lisa Hall of Lemonberry as she was in need for a unique branding that could represent two different services and a website that houses both of her businesses. 
Free Up Your Time specializes in offering administrative and expat services to clients from a remote location. Delene helps you manage your tasks so that you can focus on other important things and lets you have more time for your business and your private life. Delene was very clear with her briefs and feedback from the beginning and she was confident on what she actually wanted for her branding. It was a great experience to work with her and the whole process ran so smoothly and efficiently.
During our sketching sessions, we have come to the conclusion that her logo should be inviting, welcoming her potential clients in an enthusiastic way. This was achieved by the help of warm colours blended together and the friendly design. The idea was to spread the message that FUYT is reliable and supportive, but also pleasurable to work with, making the client's life easier. Delene had a preference to use serif fonts in her branding and I thought creating some 'do not forget' note cards on the logotype would be a good idea to give reference to the help her business offers. I have chosen lime greens, chartreuse to represent her personal assistance business and orange tones for the relocation assistance, combining those two colours with cinnamon and cider tones. These visuals bring joy to my heart each time I look at them. Delene is very pleased with the outcome! Her brand new website created by the talented hands of Lemonberry is live now.
Website design by Lemonberry
Website design by Lemonberry
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