LABOFEM — Logo Design  2015
Client name: Fem Gucluturk
Labofem's story started as a home-shop 6 years ago that Fem calls a “botanic lab,” and her enthusiasm for plants started when she bought a house with a terrace and the previous owner who lived there left behind a beautiful collection of ceramic pots and a balcony full of plants that she couldn’t take with her. At the moment she is living in Mugla in a house with plenty of plants and her door is open to all plant lovers. 
At the moment Labofem has a YouTube channel, an online plant atelier, that she launched to share her deepening knowledge of botany with other plant enthusiasts. Viewers who are seeking advice on their own plants can look through videos where she gives tips on everything you can think about in relation to taking care of plants. Follow her on her IG.
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