ONFORM COACHING — Logo Design  2019
Client name: Lisa Hall 
We have worked on this logo design together with Lisa for her client Onform Coaching, Janice Wiggins who was keen on rebranding her coaching business to make a launch in Canada. With a holistic approach, Onform Coaching takes your entire lifestyle into account, not just the calories you eat to get you on form.
The final brand created symbolizes a calm and happy state of mind. It is energetic, balanced and vivid. The colour palette chosen with china blues and hot pinks are all reflection of Janice's 'full of life' personality. After brainstorming different ideas around the concepts of balance, zen, nutrition and fitness, we finalised the idea majored on this fit, healthy and happy (on form) human figure that resembles a tree with its leaves.
I am highly satisfied with the outcome, after so many colour combinations that have been tried! 
Website design by Lemonberry
What Lisa Hall ✻ Founder of LEMONBERRY said:
"Cigdem is a hugely talented illustrator, who brings fresh ideas and a unique style to her work. She has the patience and imagination to really think outside the box, and thrives on developing these ideas to their fullest.
I relish the design process Cigdem practices, the originality she brings to the many projects we have worked on together over the last 2 years and the tenacity she has to see each project through to completion. Looking forward to collaborating on many more projects in the future!"

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