PLACE — Hannah Huber, Book cover  2021
Client name: Hannah Huber
PLACE is founder of Amsterdam Academy, Hannah Huber's first novel exploring what is “home” through the ups and downs of an American radio journalist, living on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Hannah worked on her book layout design with Lisa Hall of Lemonberry and the beautiful illustration on the cover is a masterpiece of Eveline Wijdeveld of Eveandline. My task was to put everything together on the cover making sure Hannah had the dream book she had in mind. We have tried various typography options with her and came to the conclusion that this one fits the best! The colours that have been used throughout are inspired from Dutch and US flag colours which Eveline had made use of in her illustration. I have really enjoyed creating the book cover of Hannah and working in harmony with a wonderful team of ladies, to achieve the perfect result.
I am looking forward to join the book launch event of PLACE on April 19th at BOOM Chicago in Amsterdam bringing the audience an exciting program full of live music, comedy, interviews with special guests, book signing, and networking drinks - all in celebration of the special ties between the US and The Netherlands.
If you are interested to have more information about the book and order your copy, you can check this link!
What Hannah Huber ✻ Founder of AMSTERDAM ACADEMYsaid: 
Cigdem did the cover design for my debut novel Place. I couldn't be happier with the results! A true creative - she offered various options in typography, always keeping in mind the information I provided during our intake call while offering other outside-the-box artistic options, leading the the perfect results. Cigdem was quick to answer my questions and make adjustments throughout the project. Her excellent communication skills and professionalism made me feel like I had a valuable 'team member' by my side during the entire project. Thank you Cigdem!
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