QUEENS' ROW — Book back cover & social media visuals  2023
Client name: Amsterdam Academy Press - Hannah Huber
QUEENS' ROW is Hannah Huber's second novel brought to life by Amsterdam Academy Press. It is a historical fiction taking us back to June of 1960, at Gettysburg Country Club, where Professor Grace Gilmartin and her friends reign supreme over the latest gossip—from President Eisenhower’s latest meeting with Nikita Khrushchev to the lifeguard’s latest crush. In Queens’ Row, as Eisenhower struggles to keep a third world war at bay, a small town wrestles with changing expectations of motherhood, gender norms, and the bonds of love, family, and friendship.
After working with Hannah on her first novel's cover design, I had the chance to collaborate with her again on Queens' Row. I have worked on the  back cover layout and the social media visuals of her book event. The concept design for the front cover was created by Glenn Doherty and the impressive cover art Glenn chose for the cover is from Joe Webb. The book was layed out by Lisa Hall of Lemonberry. Hannah wanted to have the cover and the event visuals reflect the 60's design style which is known for its neon shades, groovy lines and vivid typography. On the back cover, I have been inspired from the cover art, using the silhouettes of the man and woman figure in solid colours. In contrast with the ice blue background of the book, I've suggested to use the vivid coral on the spine so that the book stands out on the shelf. The art on the front cover is so powerful in itself that, Glenn preferred to keep the typography and the layout quite clean and simple.
The book launch event took place at Amstelkerk in Amsterdam on November 24th 2023 and was such a pleasurable evening! I got my signed copy from Hannah at the event and look forward to reading it! I wish Hannah all the best with her book sales. You can order your copy here. 
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