THE BRITISH SCHOOL IN THE NETHERLANDS Family Association — By Parents for Parents Information Booklet  2017
Client name: BSN Family Association
In 2017, FA of the school decided to publish a booklet to be distributed within the school, introducing the parents of its international community in The Hague, having a great number of talents and gifts who offer all kinds of services & products. Some were freelancers, some were small business owners and other starting up their activities to join the professional market. 
They have asked me if I could help them with the design and layout of the directory. After lots of team brainstorming sessions over the project,  we have come up with this design which we thought best reflects the profiles and works of our successful parents. The colour palette is inspired from BSN's brand identity. I have first created a logo for the title of the directory and then implemented the same style to the rest of the pages, introducing rainbow colours making the booklet look pleasurable to read.
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