PETER BARRY — There is Nothing 'Social' about Social Media, Book Cover / Chapter Separators / Icons ✻ 2017
Client name: Peter Barry
This illustration challenge was to create a cover design and chapter separators  for an e-book targeted for parents offering them practical tips for helping to cut the cord between teenagers and their devices and to teach them that there's nothing social about Social Media. Have you lost your child to Social Media? Do they spend more time interacting virtually than in person? I think these are common questions that keep parents' minds busy nowadays. The starting point of the design project was to make the cover look appealing to take the readers attention to the importance of the subject.
The book cover creates the first impression on its potential readers, so by getting inspired from the 'Twitter' bird, I came up with the idea of telling a story by using those charming birdsThe solid, bold and bright colours draw viewers in the book and the chapter titles are covered in a humorous way on each separator drawing. 
I think this book is very much worth the buyer's time and attention. Both the writer and me were very confident over the creative energy outspread by those illustrations!
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