THINKING MUSEUM — Presentation template  2023
Client name: Claire Bown
At Thinking Museum, Claire Bown helps people makes connections with artworks and with each other through conversation with art and objects. Claire believes art and museums are there for everyone and her mission is in her own words: "to share tools and techniques to help everyone to enjoy the world of art more fully, without necessarily needing recourse to any specialist, in-depth knowledge or skills."
I have been connected to Claire via Hannah Huber of Amsterdam Academy Press. Claire had a very well established, powerful brand look for her business and she was making great use of her memorable brand assets on her social media platforms. She was in need of a slide deck design, that she could use to make her presentations look more appealing.
Forming the graphic elements to be used in the layouts
The idea was to go creative using TM's colour palette, forming sophisticated clean graphics inspired from mid-century art. She would have loved to use bold colours, but at the same time the design shouldn't have left the content in shade.
I tried to combine layouts with full colour backgrounds, in balance with white or pale gray dominant designs, making parallel lines and geometrical forms stand out! The graphic forms that I have created gave me the flexibility to play with their sizes, crop them, change their opacity and overlap them in some places. We have created many options for different purposes, such as cover pages, sub-title pages, templates for bullet points, for layouts heavy in text or more image based. I have first created the elements on my graphic design software and transferred them to Canva, where I built everything in a way Claire can easily update, upload and adapt to meet her needs. 
Claire was very pleased with the designs and she was excited to start experimenting with them for her future presentations / workshops. It was a joy to collaborate with such a professional business owner, who values my design work, who gives such clear instructions to begin with and valuable feedback! I am hoping to work together in many other projects with Claire Bown.
What Claire Bown ✻ Founder of Thinking Museumsaid: 
Working with Cigdem on several projects, including the designs and illustrations for my first book, was delightful. Cigdem is not just a talented professional, but also a pleasure to collaborate with. I really appreciate the time and effort she takes to get to know you and understand your brand and preferences before diving into the creative process. The designs she crafted for me and for Thinking Museum were absolutely fantastic and I'm looking forward to future collaborations!
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