UNBLOCK WRITER'S BLOCK — Book cover  2023
Client name: David Chislett
David Chislett and I know each other with from AAP, Amsterdam Academy Press' self publishing team. David was looking for a designer who can help him to visualize the front cover he had in mind for his e-book: UNBLOCK WRITER'S BLOCK. Writers get blocked. It's frustrating and annoying. This short book shares several techniques and perspectives that will help writers deal with what's blocking them and move on with writing. It's a practical book with an exercise in each chapter, a reflection question and key takeaways. 
I was in charge of designing the front cover after being inspired from David's concept he had in his mind. Referring to the concept of unblocking, he asked me to edit his photo using a plunger image on his head. To make the orange coloured plunger stand out, I went for teal as the background complementary colour. Keeping the font choice clean and simple, I tried to add some fun to letter 'O', making it look like an opening lock.
David's e-book is now available on Amazon! Enjoy reading it...
What David Chislett ✻ Author of the book: Unblock Writer's Block, said: 
I contracted Cigdem to design a book cover on a very short deadline. Not only did she meet that deadline but she brought flair and creativity tot he brief that resulted in a better result than was in my head. I have no hesitation in recommending her design skills and professionalism.
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