VASELIENTJE — Book cover  2023
Client name: Amsterdam Academy Press - Hannah Huber
New edition of VASELIENTJE, 'dagboek van een baby' by Eli Asser (1951) is now composed by his daughter Joosje Asser.
This cute, little, pretty book is a project of Amsterdam Academy Press team, with special thanks to Hannah Huber managing the project, Lisa Hall in charge of the book layout, Annemarie Ros doing the proof-reading and me designing the cover layout. This dream team made Joosje's special book come alive!
Original illustrations inside the book are by Dutch artist Jan Sluijters and the original cover illustration was created by George Lampe in 1947.
Joosje wanted to stick to the original cover of the book that was published in the 50's as much as possible, keeping the look of it very clean and simple. That's why I have come up with using borders around the photos and illustrations, using a colour palette of gold, beige and cream that goes well with the images.  
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