December is the month I am usually busy with creating & crafting festive greeting cards for my family, friends and clients. I always enjoy the process of buying festive stamps from the post office and dropping the cards in the orange letterboxes, domestic and internationally. Most of them make it to their destination making the recipient happy. It is again the time of the year to send a 'happy holidays' card to precious WBII members. Instead of sending an ordinary card that usually ends up in the paper recycle bin after a few weeks, we always try to think of something a bit more useful. Something that our members can make use of and remember our community every time they look at it. Most importantly, something that leaves a smile on their faces.
This year together with the WBII team, we have come up with this paper tea light decoration idea, which you can bring both edges of the card together to make a circle and put your tea light candle in the middle. A great way to enjoy the festive light and shadows throughout those little windows in geometric forms.
The card emphasises WBII's 2024 team 'PERSPECTIVE'. Our message is: Shine your light and look at things from all perspectives this year! Happy new year...
What Deborah Valentine ✻ Chair of the Women's Business Initiative Internationalsaid: 
My collection of Cigdem's 'festive' cards over the years have always been a pleasure to receive, and enjoy. Her artsty, in capturing who we are at the Women's Business Initiative International is always delightfully conceived, and executed. And, I enjoy admiring them even after the festive seasons have passed. Thank you Cigdem, for the smile you always bring with your work.
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